lunes, 30 de agosto de 2010

Dukeplus 2.11

Ha salido la nueva version de Dukeplus, donde encontramos muchas mejoras:

"Duke Plus 2.11 Released
Incorporated Muelsa’s DukeBike into DukePlus, with some enhancements. Try it out using Muelsa’s maps (named and in the dpmaps folder).
Added some new lighting effects for level designers (see DPEFFECTS, SE 49).
Monster corpses and items float on shallow water instead of becoming invisible under the surface.
Karate kicks are easier to aim (they will auto-aim at nearby enemies)
Added check point support and a menu disabling option for those making DukePlus based TCs
Got rid of edited and, and instead use tilefromtexture for only the needed tiles. This allows compatibility with mods that modify those art files, such as Nuclear Winter and Caribbean Vacation.
New pickup sounds for some weapons and items to replace the old Duke beep.
Comes with new and improved version of EDuke32

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