domingo, 14 de marzo de 2010

Esto ya es pasarse...

¡¿Que demonios?! ¡Acabo de encontrar un articulo que comparan a Duke Nukem FOrever con la reforma sanitaria en américa.

En fin.... "Estan locos estos americanos"

"The Truth Comes Out: Healthcare Reform is the Legislative Equivalent of "Duke Nukem Forever"

On the issue of healthcare reform, the time has come to poo or get off the pot. The President is certainly not letting anyone in Congress get off the pot. Even after a year of sitting on it, their buttocks creased and reddened from the hard ceramic seat, they still have nothing to show for it.

Leaders in both houses are now promising that a bill will appear on the President's desk in just two weeks, which is almost exactly the same thing they've been announcing every other week since August of last year. It all makes you wonder what the hell has been going on this whole time.

I think I figured it out. Healthcare reform is the legislative equivalent of "Duke Nukem Forever." "

Para los interesados, el artículo sigue aqui.

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